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For use with the TR001 Defender; TR002 Shiloh; TR008 Durango; TR009 Performer; TR007 Ponderosa and VG650ELG Mountaineer wood stoves.


  • Provides for more even heat distribution by blowing heat generated from the rear side of the stove and blowing it up over the top.
  • Attaches easily to rear deflector panel with four self tapping screws. Blower comes with ceramic fiber gasket which provides heat protection for the electrical components.
  • Rheostat provides for fan speed control.
  • Pre-wired-after mounting, simply plug into standard 110 volt house current.
  • Fan motor safely and efficiently provides up to 100 CFM of warm air quietly for air circulation.


  • Only for use with stove models TR001, TR002, TR007,  TR008, TR009, VG650ELG
  • 110v grounded outlet required to run blower.

Unit Length ........... 12"
Unit Height ............ 6"
Unit Depth ............. 4.75"
Shipping Weight ... 9 lbs


Motor: UL Listed, 0.66 Amp, 40 Watts, RPM 1650

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