Relatively trouble free, our stoves can provide years of service. Given that, some parts may need to be replaced over time. We offer a complete selection of repair parts for all of our stoves. Many of these parts can be used with other brands of stoves as well.

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Hearth for the Lit'l Sweetie Cast iron Stove (BX22EL). ..
Hearth for the Standard Boxwood Cast Iron Stove (BX26E). ..
Hearth for the BX42E Deluxe Boxwood Cast Iron Stove. ..
Hearth nickle trim for the Defender Stove (TR001). ..
Hearth nickle trim the Shiloh stove (TR002). ..
Hearth nickle trim for the Highlander stove (TR003). ..
Hearth nickle trim for the Ponderosa stove (TR007). ..
Hearth nickle trim for the Shiloh stove (TR002B). ..
Hearth trim for the Durango stove (TR008B). ..
Hearth, nickle trim for the Defender stove (TR1TR001B00B). ..
Heat Exchanger Assembly for HG-6 Heat Grabber, 6". ..
Heat Grabber, 6" (HG-6)
Start utilizing the heat in your flue pipe! The Vogelzang Heat Grabber grabs the heat from your f..
Heat Reclaimer, 6" (HR-6)
Every solid fuel stove loses a large amount of heat thru the chimney and Flue. the HR-6 Miracle h..
Heat shield for the Defender Stove (TR001). ..
Heat shield for the Moutnaineer Stove (VG650ELG). ..