Relatively trouble free, our stoves can provide years of service. Given that, some parts may need to be replaced over time. We offer a complete selection of repair parts for all of our stoves. Many of these parts can be used with other brands of stoves as well.

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Handle side glass retainer for the Shiloh stove (TR002B). ..
Handle, Ash Door (15-25)
Handle, Ash Door for VG1500 Norseman Add-On Furnace. ..
Handle, Separable (Spring) for VG820E Heartwood Heater. ..
Handle, Shaker for VG2500 Norseman Add-On Furnace. ..
Handle, Slide Draft Spring (09-03)
Handle, Slide Draft Spring for TR009 Performer. ..
Hardware Bag (100-HP)
Hardware Bag for BK100E Barrel, Standard Kit. ..
Hardware pack for the Shiloh stove (TR002). ..
Hardware pack for the Highlander stove (TR003). ..
Hardware packfor the Colonial stove (TR004). ..
Hardware pack for the Durango stove (TR008B). ..
Hardware Pack for TR009 Performer. ..
Hardware Pack (26-HP)
Hardware pack for the Standard Boxwood Cast Iron Stove (BX26E). ..
Hardware pack for the Shiloh stove (TR002B). ..
Hardware Pack for the BX42E Deluxe Boxwood Cast Iron Stove. ..
Hardware pack for the Frontiersman stove (VG450ELGB). ..