Having a wood stove means you need a few other accessories to keep it burning properly and efficiently. From ash removal to steaming water to keep moisture in the air, we offer a complete line of accessories to fit any wood stove and d├ęcor.

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Grate for Barrel Kit (55G)
Specially made to fit our Barrel Stoves, the 55G barrel stove grate improves the burn of the fire..
Grate for BX26E Boxwood Cast Iron Stove (26G)
This all cast iron grate is specially made to fit inside our BX26E Boxwood stove. Enhance the eff..
Grate for BX42E Boxwood Stove (42G)
This all cast iron grate is specially made to fit inside our Deluxe Boxwood stove. Enhance the ef..
Heat Grabber, 6" (HG-6)
Start utilizing the heat in your flue pipe! The Vogelzang Heat Grabber grabs the heat from your f..
Heat Reclaimer, 6" (HR-6)
Every solid fuel stove loses a large amount of heat thru the chimney and Flue. the HR-6 Miracle h..
Heat Reclaimer, 8" (HR-8)
Stop sending heating dollars up your flue pipe!! Thermostatically controlled Heat Reclaimer turns..
Heavy Duty Log Cart (LC-37)
This sturdy log cart easily moves split wood from one location to another with the ease of it's d..
Tea Kettle, 3 Qt (TK-02)
This solid cast iron Kettle Steamer is both decorative and practical. Perfect for helping keep mo..
Temperature Gauge (TG-01)
This thermometer helps wood and coal burning stoves operate more efficiently and safely. It allow..