Pellet stoves are one of the most efficient technologies available in today’s alternative heating market. They burn a pellet made from compressed hardwood and softwood sawdust mixed with other ingredients and produce more BTU’s per pound than standard Cord wood. They are easy to fill and maintain and produce very little ash. A normal 40 lb bag of pellets will produce less than 1 cup of ash. Pellet stoves use electronic to properly manage the fuel consumption and air intake to provide a steady even heat with very little consumer interaction.

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Pellet Stove (VG5770)
The VG5770 pellet stove is full- automated with auto-ignition and easy access, top mounted contro..
Pellet Stove (VG5790)
The VG5790 pellet stove is a fully-automatic pellet stove with auto-ignition and easy-to-use elec..