Having a wood stove means you need a few other accessories to keep it burning properly and efficiently. From ash removal to steaming water to keep moisture in the air, we offer a complete line of accessories to fit any wood stove and d├ęcor.

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Grate for BX42E Boxwood Stove (G42)
This all cast iron grate is specially made to fit inside our Deluxe Boxwood stove. Enhance the ef..
Heat Grabber, 6" (HG-6)
Start utilizing the heat in your flue pipe! The Vogelzang Heat Grabber grabs the heat from your f..
Heat Reclaimer, 6" (HR-6)
Every solid fuel stove loses a large amount of heat thru the chimney and Flue. the HR-6 Miracle h..
Heat Reclaimer, 8" (HR-8)
Stop sending heating dollars up your flue pipe!! Thermostatically controlled Heat Reclaimer turns..
Heavy Duty Log Cart (LC-37)
This sturdy log cart easily moves split wood from one location to another with the ease of it's d..
Tea Kettle, 3 Qt (TK-02)
This solid cast iron Kettle Steamer is both decorative and practical. Perfect for helping keep mo..
Temperature Gauge (TG-01)
This thermometer helps wood and coal burning stoves operate more efficiently and safely. It allow..