<h1>About Vogelzang International<h1>

<h2>Reasons why you should consider buying a Vogelzang Wood/Coal Stove</h2>


Vogelzang stoves have either been safety tested to applicable UL Standards or are regulated by CPSC (Consumer Products Safety Commission) guidelines. All of our Steel Stoves carry the standard safety data label that clearly outlines setback requirements for each stove model. All of our Cast Iron Stoves have set back requirements of 36" from a combustible wall.  (This 36" setback has been mandated by the CPSC.)  Please consult your local building codes for specific regulations that may apply in your area of the country. Always remember that a proper installation is the best installation.
Our German made ceramic glass withstands temperatures of 2000°+ F.  Our firebrick is designed to carry temperatures of 2300° F.  Each Plate Steel stove is coated with high temperature metallic paint to prevent burn off.  Our UL Listed Blower Motors efficiently drive our blowers and fans.  It's not at all uncommon for our stoves to last thirty years!
Each stove uses a "cool touch" handle to prevent the operator from being burned.  Our stoves are easy to operate and most have extended burn cycles.  We offer an optional temperature gauge to help monitor the stove(s).
Our "EPA Certified" Stoves incorporate low emission designs that meet, or exceed, clean air standards.
We support our entire model line with replacement parts.  Our phone operators are well trained on our line of stoves and can provide helpful and friendly service.
Each Vogelzang Wood/Coal Stove comes with a ONE YEAR warranty.  Please note that our Warranty policy does not cover any merchandise that has been abused, neglected, or used under circumstances other than their intended application.